Yoghurt is a popular food in creamy state that is produced from milk that has been fermented.

It has a soft texture and acidic aroma that is caused from the lactic acid.

It is a highly nutritious food which either alone or in combination with other foods such as honey, cereals, fruits, etc. is a great meal.


A very tasty cheese that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Made exclusively from fresh goat’s milk.

Named by the locals as the cheese of tradition of each place, depending on its origin.

What sets it apart from other cheeses, is the special aroma and we would say that it’s taste is approaching the goat cheese.


Mizithra is a traditional type of cheese, that is found in various forms depending on the place of origin.

Made from sheep or goat whey and with the addition of milk. The flavor is usually salty and some people liken to that of cream cheese.


Our goat cheese is made, as easily revealed by its name, from goat milk.

White in appearance, a cheese that is very close in the taste of feta cheese, with a slightly more intense flavor.


It is produced from sheep milk or mixed with goat milk.

It has a spicy taste and it is a very good addition to a perfect greek salad.

A special cheese for the lovers of piquant tastes.



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